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Industry Solutions


Fuel Site Installation

  • Tank & line installation
  • Dispenser installation
  • Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) system installation
From new UST installations, dispenser swaps outs, and service station equipment installation and removal to UST to AST conversions.


Fuel Site Maintenance

  • Pumps, dispensers, ATG and associated electrical systems troubleshooting and repair
  • Filter, hose, and nozzle changes
  • System calibration
  • Tank cleaning
Prompt response to ATG alarms, DEP violation notices, and other system troubles combined with the experience to bring your system back online quickly.


Environmental Compliance

  • A/B operator service including monthly and annual fuel site inspections
  • Air testing consistent with the California Air Resource Board protocol
  • Tank and line testing
  • ATG system functionality inspections

Compliance in a regulation driven economy. Evolving DEP regulations and periodic compliance testing both add to the complexity that is fuel system management. Partnering with us benefits your company in the alleviation of regulatory headaches, forges confidence through performance, and reduces your time spent on reporting.


  • Civil services including tank, dispenser, and piping installation, repair, and removal
  • Maintenance programs
  • Environmental compliance


  • UST to AST conversions for public works, police, fire, and other government-owned fueling facilities

Military & Bulk Fuel Sites

  • Scheduled inspections
  • Bulk meter, pressure relief gauges and values calibration
  • UST & AST repair, maintenance, testing
  • Fuel & bulk farm maintenance

Specialized facility options


Extensive experience working with on-base fueling systems


Contracted service provider for many South Jersey area hospitals

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